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First things first. Congratulations and welcome to our social media influencer's program! You should feel really cool that you have been chosen to be apart of one of the newest and fastest growing online retailers. There are a few housekeeping rules we need to get out of the way before you can get started. 

To begin, your participation in this program is completely voluntary and The Black Projek, LLC reserves the right to terminate the agreement at anytime. Additionally, you must comply to our social media guidelines when posting online. Please be sure you have completely read our policies before replying back to us and confirming your participation. 

1.  How are my sales tracked?

You will receive a unique 25% off discount code within 3-5 business days after acceptance into our program. 


2. What benefits do I receive as a TBP Social Media Influencer?

As a social media influencer you can receive clothing you like on our website, may receive payment based on revenue generated and other future opportunities as our company continues to grow 

3. How am I paid?

When anyone makes a purchase with your unique code we track this and when you reach a certain threshold, you'll receive payment based on our commission structure.   

4. What if I don't agree with something?

We're human, and sometimes we make mistakes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program please let us know and we will try to make things right. 

5. How many items can I choose?

We want to ensure you are setup for success and that you are a good fit for our program. To start off, we will ask you to choose 3 items that you love from the website. Based on availability. 

6.  How much will this cost me?

Unlike most social media influencer programs, you will never have to pay for shipping or clothing that we send you! You will have to pay for shipping only if you want to return something that does not fit

7.  What if I don't like the item when I get it?

Sometimes things happen. We get it. You are required to post a look in everything we send you! If for some reason the clothing does not fit, then you can email us within 48hrs of receiving the clothing and do a return. 

8. What social media accounts do I post to? 

For now, we only require you to post to instagram and facebook. Please make sure you post during PEAK times. Reach out if you need help with times. 

9. Can I choose my own captions? 

Of course! We want you to be you as normal on social media. Please DO NOT tag #AD in your caption or your hastags. 

10. What should I include in my caption?

You should have our social media handler @theblackprojek tagged in your post. Also, you should put something cute like shop for look. We should be the only tag in your post. 

If you have questions please feel free to reach out at


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At this time we are not hiring. Please check back regularly to see if we have any new job postings. 

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