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At this time we are not hiring. Please check back regularly to see if we have any new job postings. 

This sporty chic dress is the perfect "I want to look good, but I want to be comfortable dress." It boasts an above the knee style with an all black mesh overlay and black underslip to ensure you are not too revealing. With symetrical white lines on both sides to stand out. The perfect black dress to feel comfortable and dressed up at the same time! 

Jealous much? (Dress)


Please use the below table as a reference based on your normal clothing size. Body types vary and you should use your best judgement when purchasing. The table is based on this specific dress and how most women would fit this. For women with extreme variances in hip to waist ratio or extremely disporportionate measurements purchase a size larger to be safe. *This dress has a moderate amout of stretch in the waist and hip area. This dress can also be worn more loose by purchasing a size up. 

TBP Size    S   M    L
Your Size 2 - 6 6 - 10 10 -14


*Model is a size 2 and wearing a S.