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In an era where there are so many options for clothing, I felt it was important for our customers to find exactly what they were looking for. That little black dress. Those black skinny jeans that hug you in all the right places. Or perhaps it's your favorite jumpsuit that you wish was sold in black. At The Black Projek, We don't believe you should have to go through a pile of stuff until you see something you like!  The Black Projek is the largest online retailer selling all black women's clothing. Our collection of timeless pieces hand selected by our creative team are simply the best in the marketplace. This project is like no other in the fashion industry. We are a proud, black owned organization that put our customers first in everything we do! 


Unlike most other clothing retailers, at The Black Projek we don't just want you to be happy in your clothing, we want you to be the best looking woman in the room! When it comes to fashion, black is still the new black. 

Enjoy shopping with us!


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At this time we are not hiring. Please check back regularly to see if we have any new job postings. 

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